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Frequently asked questions

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What are integrations?

Integrations are ways for third-party tools to enhance and work with your Ghost site. Using Ghost integrations you can connect to other platforms to help streamline your publishing workflow, automate common tasks, synchronise data, collect analytics stats, and more!

Does Ghost have plugins?

Yes, an integration is the Ghost equivalent of a plugin, add-on, or app. Rather than installing from an app store, you can find and connect third-party tools via our integrations directory.

How do I build an integration?

There are lots of ways to integrate with Ghost, with simple embeds, webhooks, or the full Ghost Admin API. Our integrations directory is full of examples of how third party tools and plugins can integrate with Ghost.

How do I get my integration listed in the official directory?

The integrations directory on is a curated list of the most popular tools and apps that work with Ghost, and is managed based on demand from our customers. It's not open to submissions at this time. If you've made an integration and you'd like to share it with Ghost users, the best thing to do is post about it on the Ghost forum.