Buffer + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Buffer together

Post to all your social accounts automatically every time a new post is published with Ghost, thanks to Buffer

The main benefit to using Buffer with Ghost is to automate and schedule your publication’s social strategy with minimal overhead. Rather than manually remembering to share a new post in all the right places, do it in bulk using Buffer to share at the best times for your audience.

Share new posts from Ghost to Buffer

The easiest way to set up automatic sharing is by using the official Ghost<>Zapier integration which will allow you to deliver new Ghost posts directly into your Buffer account.

From there, you can decide exactly how and when you’d like your individual statuses to be scheduled for sharing.

More automation with Zapier

You can also go further and connect other popular Ghost integrations with Buffer using Zapier, so you can build out complimentary workflows for the rest of your publication.