Content marketing for modern business.

Ghost is a modern, open source publishing platform for companies who are serious about content marketing and brand journalism, with lead-gen tools and newsletters built in natively from the start.

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“I’m always blown away by how Ghost manages to be both so simple and so powerful at the same time.”

— Hailley Griffis, Buffer
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No more investing & hoping for the best. Try a platform that actually gets results.

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“Why choose Ghost? Privacy, security & speed. With growing awareness of the importance of respecting user privacy while serving content on a fast, stable platform, Ghost has quickly built a reputation for checking all these boxes.”

— Daniel Davis, DuckDuckGo

Powerful SEO, made easy.

Add custom meta data for search engines and structured data for social networks. Detailed XML sitemaps are built automatically. No plugins. No headaches.


Real data. Real results.

Finally your team can show direct ROI of content marketing, with lead generation and email newsletters built-in. Cross reference who reads your content against who signs up for your product.

Go faster. 1900% faster.

Ghost is built on a modern Node.js back end, giving you performance equivalent to a static site. Under load, Ghost will serve 19 requests in the time it takes WordPress to serve just 1. Hit the Reddit frontpage? No problem.

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Multiplayer enabled.

Invite the whole team, so you can easily collaborate on content and design changes, as well as add bylines to all your posts.

Made for cross-functional teams.

Marketers get a smooth editor for easy publishing with powerful features. Developers get a modern open source platform with custom templates and a full JSON API.

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“Migrating over to Ghost was really easy, took us a weekend to get most of it up and running, and the tools they've built are really good out of the box 🔥”

— Luke Chesser, Unsplash

“I’ve been a blog minimalist from the start, and finding a truly open source platform which reflects that minimalism and focus is incredibly refreshing.”

— Jeff Atwood, Discourse