Just a blogging platform

Ghost is a simple, powerful publishing platform that allows you to share your stories with the world.

Create a beautiful, independent online publication

Create a solo blog, or a full scale newspaper. Ghost can be completely customised in design to suit your needs and your brand.

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Talking to their customers & helping them succeed. Square use Ghost at the very heart of their business.

Write faster and better than you ever have before

Our split-screen editor, with Markdown syntax on the left and a live preview on the right, allows you to type and format your writing on-the-fly.

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Invite and collaborate with your entire team

Choose your own adventure with a multi-user blog. Allow team members to get involved writing about the areas they specialise in.

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Manage your entire content archive quickly and easy

Browse through your content in the same way you're used to browsing through your email. Stay in total control of your workflow.

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Join some of the world's most important organisations who publish with Ghost