ChartMogul + Ghost

How to use Ghost and ChartMogul together

Integrate your Ghost Membership publication with ChartMogul and analyse the performance of your business

ChartMogul is a subscription analytics tool which gives you all of the important data you need to grow and improve your membership business. It’s possible to connect your Ghost publication with ChartMogul in a few simple steps, to have a better understanding of your customer data.

Get a ChartMogul account

ChartMogul is free for accounts with less than $10K in MRR (monthly recurring revenue), which means you can get up and running for free. Get started by signing up for a trial.

Add a data source

Since Ghost Members uses a native integration with Stripe – the next step is to add your Stripe account that you use in Ghost as a data source in ChartMogul.

Connect to Stripe

Click the Connect with Stripe button to get started:

When prompted, log in your your Stripe account and confirm the connection to ChartMogul:

Review your subscription analytics

That’s it! Your data will be imported from Stripe to ChartMogul and once completed, you’ll be able to view your subscription analytics in the dashboard, where you can use revenue and customer data to improve and grow your membership business.