Geckoboard + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Geckoboard together

Want to centralise all your critical metrics on one beautiful dashboard? Ghost and Geckoboard have got you covered


Years ago when Ghost was just a seed of an idea, we imagined building a dashboard of site data so that publishers could view all of their statistics inside Ghost Admin. That turned out to be a very complex feature to build, though, and in the mean time our friends over at Geckoboard built an entire company to comprehensively solve the problem.

The original Ghost dashboard concept, recreated in Geckoboard

Making your own dashboard

Creating a custom publisher dashboard with Geckoboard is easy and can be done entirely in the browser. Geckoboard natively connects to all the major social networks, email, and analytics services like Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics and Mailchimp.

Ghost RSS feeds are fully compatible with Geckoboard so you can get a feed of your most recent posts and key data. Remember: You can add /rss/ to most Ghost URLs to get a corresponding RSS feed of the currently listed posts.

Adding automation

If you want to power up your dashboard even further, it’s also possible to add automation by using Zapier. Here are a few ideas of different ways to Geckoboard to monitor your Ghost site: