Gumroad + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Gumroad together


Embed products for sale on Gumroad directly into your content in Ghost using sensible embeds via our HTML cards

If you're using Gumroad as an ecommerce tool, then you may want to share your products directly in your site content in Ghost. Gumroad provides a seamless way for creators, artists, designers, educators and many more to sell digital and physical products online.

Connecting your ecommerce business to your publication is a great way to promote your products or services and cross-pollinate your audiences. Here's a quick guide to get things working:

Login to your Gumroad account, navigate to the products area and open the product you wish to embed on your Ghost site:

If you're not using Gumroad yet, you can sign up for free and start creating your products right away. Sales incur charge fees, and premium paid options are available.

Grab the embed code from the share menu

Once you're viewing your published product which you'd like to embed in your content, navigate to share β†’ embed and locate the embed code which appears underneath a preview of your product:

Paste it into a block in the editor

Create a new HTML block in the Ghost editor on the post you would like to embed your Gumroad product, and paste in your embed code:

Publish your post

That's all there is to it! Ghost allows you to paste embed code directly into the HTML block and renders the embed content in your post.

Here's an example of the end result:

Do more with Zapier

As always, you can power up your site even further using Zapier. If you're already using Gumroad for ecommerce, then you might also like some of these complimentary automations: