Pipedream + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Pipedream together

Integrate APIs and develop event-driven workflows for your Ghost site using a Pipedream integration

Pipedream is an integration platform which allows developers to create workflows and makes it easier to integrate your apps, data, and APIs — all with no servers or infrastructure to manage!

Sign up for Pipedream

Create a free Pipedream account, if you haven’t already.

Create a new workflow

Create your workflow in Pipedream:

Workflow code is public by default so the community can discover and copy it. Your workflow execution and event data is private.

Some common examples of workflows for publishers include:

  • Add new Ghost members to SendGrid, Hubspot or other apps
  • Cross-post Ghost content to Medium, Dev.to, Wordpress & more
  • Share new posts on Facebook, Twitter, Buffer & more

Select a trigger

Select a trigger for your workflow (for example, HTTP or Cron):

Connect your Ghost site

Add a new step and search for Ghost:

This will display actions associated with your Ghost publication. You can choose to either Run Node.js code with Ghost or select one of the pre-built actions for performing common API operations.

Once you’ve added a step, press the Connect Account button near the top.

If this is your first time integrating with Pipedream, you’ll be prompted to connect your account using a custom integration.

Within the integration, you will see an Content API Key and an API URL. Copy them into the Pipedream connection settings.

If you’ve already linked a Ghost account, pressing Connect Account will list any existing accounts you’ve linked, so you only need to perform this step once.


That’s it 🎉 You’ve successfully created a Pipedream workflow and connected your Ghost publication.

Find out more about using Workflows and Destinations using Pipedream in their helpful documentation.