CookieYes + Ghost

How to use Ghost and CookieYes together

Add a GDPR compliant cookie consent banner to your site with Ghost and CookieYes

By default, Ghost doesn’t set any non-essential cookies and does not require a cookie banner. However, if you’re using 3rd party services on your site such as advertising or analytics, then you can quickly integrate a cookie notice using the CookieYes integration.

It only takes a few minutes to implement a cookie banner using code injection, here’s how to get started!

Create your CookieYes banner

To get started, sign up for a CookieYes account, then follow the setup steps provided to add your domain and create a cookie consent banner. You can update the style and content in your banner later.

cookieyes banner

Copy the installation code

In the CookieYes dashboard, copy the installation code provided:

cookieyes installation code

Paste into Ghost code injection

Paste your CookieYes code into the Site Header of code injection in Ghost Admin:

Code injection in Ghost

Hit save and you’re all set up! Your cookie banner is now active and appears for all visitors to your Ghost site.

You can use the CookieYes dashboard to change the layout, style, and content of your cookie banner.

configure cookieyes banner

For further information about setting up your cookie consent banner, check out the CookieYes help guides.