Intravert + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Intravert together

Integrate your Ghost publication with Intravert and monetise your site with privacy-preserving, independently purchasable ad spaces

Intravert is a native ad and sponsorship solution, which allows you to create your own ad spaces that can be claimed and purchased at your price point by members of your audience and advertisers you can trust. No tracking required – you decide who you advertise for!

Integrating your Ghost site with Intravert takes a few simple steps. Here’s how to get started.

Create an Intravert account

Create an account and setup your payout methods following the prompts during signup.

Create an ad space

Create a unique ad space for your Ghost site, giving it a description and pricing model, and decide whether you’d like to place a text, image or text and image ad space:

Copy the ad space code

Once your ad space is created, grab the code provided. On the second line you should see a <script> tag - we only need this line, copy it.

Inject the code in Ghost

Once your script is ready, head to code injection on the post or page you’d like to display your ad space. We recommend doing so in the footer.

You could also use this code in the site-wide code injection feature, or directly within your Handlebars theme, if you wanted to display your ad space in a particular location across your site.

That’s it! Once you’ve injected the Intravert code you can start monetising ad spaces on your Ghost publication!