Churnbuster + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Churnbuster together

Integrate your Ghost Membership business with Churnbuster to minimize churn, and stop losing subscribers to failed payments

Churnbuster is a dunning tool that allows you to reduce passive churn, which means reducing the number of people who stop being paid customers for reasons including credit card expirations, failed payments, processor problems, or fraud protection.

Using this integration, you can use automatic credit card retries and automated campaigns to reduce passive churn, to increase revenue for your subscription business.

Get a Churnbuster account

Churnbuster pricing is calculated based on your MRR (monthly recurring revenue). You can give it a try for free by signing up for a 14-day trial.

Connect to Stripe

Since Ghost uses a native integration with Stripe – the next step is to connect Churnbuster to your Stripe account. When you sign up for your Churnbuster trial, navigate to the integration options and select Stripe:

You’ll be automatically redirected to Stripe. Select the correct Stripe account that is linked to your Ghost publication and follow the steps provided.

Update billing settings

Once the integration is in place, it’s recommended to update your billing settings in Stripe following this guide.

Build your campaigns

That’s it! You’ve now created an integration between the Stripe account associated with your Ghost publication, and updated your billing settings. Now you can get started with building your campaigns in the Churnbuster dashboard.

Read more about setting up campaigns in the Churnbuster help center.