Wufoo + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Wufoo together

Wufoo is a simple form builder which can integrate with Ghost to collect information from readers like surveys and user feedback.

Compared to some of the other form builders out there Wufoo is a much more minimal option, and it’s been around for a while so it’s definitely battle tested! Whether you want to have a contact form or a simple survey, Wufoo is a great way to allow readers to send you information from your Ghost publication.

To set up the integration, click over to Wufoo and make a new form.

Create your form and share

Once you’ve set up your new form and you’re happy with all of the fields, press the Save button and you’ll be prompted for what to do next. Select: Share

Copy the embed code from the share menu

Next, copy the provided JavaScript embed code from the share page to your clipboard.

Within the Ghost editor, add a new HTML card

Now you can paste the form code within an HTML card on any page to embed your form on a post or page in Ghost!

Add some automation to submissions

If you’d like your form to work harder for you, it’s also possible to add automation by using Zapier to process your form submissions. Here are a few starting points to give you an idea of how to set things up:****