FirstPromoter + Ghost

How to use Ghost and FirstPromoter together

Launch a referral program for your membership business or email newsletter with Ghost and FirstPromoter

FirstPromoter allows you to build a referral program for any membership website or email newsletter, so you can grow your business. Use this integration to collect information about how many referrals have come from each of your members, and offer them rewards, credits, commissions or payouts in return.

The no-code FirstPromoter integration with Ghost only takes a few minutes to implement, here’s how to get started!

Copy the FirstPromoter ID

To get started, sign up for a FirstPromoter account if you haven’t already. Once you have an account, follow the setup steps provided.

Once you have created your account, use the go to the Settings menu and to the Integrations tab. Copy your Account Id:

firstpromoter ID

Copy the ID into Ghost

In Ghost Admin, enable the FirstPromoter integration from the Integrations page and paste the ID you copied in step 1:

creating a welcome page in Ghost

Launch your referral program

Hit save and you’re all set up. Now you can invite members and fans to promote your work in return for rewards or commissions.

For further information about setting up your FirstPromoter dashboard, setting up a campaign and customising your rewards, check out the FirstPromoter help pages.