Circle + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Circle together

Connect a private or public Circle community with your Ghost membership website to offer your members additional perks and keep the conversations flowing

Circle is a modern community tool for creators that allows you to invite your members to join in on the discussion and build a thriving community.

Connecting your Circle community with your Ghost membership website is easy using our Zapier integration. This allows you to automate processes like adding new members to the community, or sharing new posts in a space within your community.

Add new members in Ghost to Circle

Use Zapier to add new Ghost Members to your Circle Community automatically, or if you prefer, only add members with specific labels in Ghost:

It’s also possible to setup this automation in reverse, to add new community members in Circle to your Ghost publication.

Share new content with your community

Automate sharing new posts on your Ghost site to Circle with an integration that automatically publishes new posts in Ghost in a space on your Circle community: