Search Console + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Search Console together

Keep on top of your publication’s SEO performance by integrating Ghost with Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service that allows website owners to check their indexing status and optimise the visibility of their site in the search engines. Publishers can use Search Console to access metrics such as indexed pages and errors, search impressions, clicks and much more.

Properties can be created and added to any website using a handful of methods – here’s the easiest way to get started with Ghost and Google Search Console.

Add a new property

Sign in to Google Search Console with any Google account and add a property to get started:

Using the URL prefix option is the easiest way to implement Google Search Console via your Ghost theme and takes just a few minutes to setup. Enter your publications URL in the URL prefix box and click continue.

Download the HTML file

From the next screen, download the provided HTML file to your computer:

Place the file in your theme

Move the HTML file you downloaded from Google to your theme’s root directory.

Update your theme

Update your theme by uploading an updated .zip file in the Design settings page from Ghost Admin, and ensure your new theme is set to active.

If you are self-hosting, don’t forget to restart Ghost for this change to take effect.

That’s it! Once the HTML file has been uploaded in your theme, Google Search Console will be connected to your site. Head back to the Search Console dashboard and click Verify to ensure this has been successful. Now you can start reviewing performance data for your Ghost publication.

Alternative methods

This guide has explained the easiest way to integrate Google Search Console with your Ghost publication using Ghost Admin. There are other methods available, such as adding a DNS record if you’re using a custom domain or via Google Tag Manager or Analytics.