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Stop fighting tired publishing software

Sick of confusing, broken website builders and social networks? Us too. Ghost is the antidote to all the painful alternatives out there. Great technology meets great design.

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Modern publishing features

Build a real audience with memberships

There’s no point in getting lots of anonymous traffic — build a real audience who sign up and log into your site to engage with you directly about your work.

Ghost members UI
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A new business model

Enjoy a powerful headless CMS

Ghost is the world’s most popular open source headless Node.js CMS — it ships with a default admin client and front-end, but you can also swap them out with your own JAMstack.


# install the cli

npm install ghost-cli -g

# install ghost

ghost install local

# you're all set

# you can do everything else

# directly in the browser!

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Does it really work?

Here's what our customers say

In 2019 we ran a survey asking Ghost users to share their experiences about what's improved since switching to Ghost, this is what they said:

97% of people report an increase in their site’s overall performance

"Ever since I switched my blog over to Ghost, the page speed has gone through the roof. Like really. It's just so much faster than I have ever achieved with a WordPress website. Also, writing posts in Ghost is just an amazing experience. It just works."

Albert Henk van Urk
Albert Henk van

"I've almost doubled my page views and visits. Performance is really great. Now I have no problems with SSL and CDN."

Vlad Gorohovsky
98% of people say their SEO is the same or better than before

"Ghost has been a truly game-changing product for me. Unlike many other publishing platforms, Ghost supports all components of running a successful online publication, from technical SEO to a surprisingly clean editing interface."

Steph Smith

"Using Ghost has been a dream — no effort and no stress, fully hosted but with no loss of performance. It looks great and does the SEO lifting for me, saving me time to do what I should be doing."

Jonathan Bree
72% of people say they have fewer problems with their site now

"Life is simpler and you're not tempted to continuously dabble with unnecessary plugins and add-ons that really don't improve your content any. Back-to-basics done in a beautiful, user-friendly way."

Rob Masefield

"I don't have to spend my time managing unreliable plugins and my SEO optimisation has improved drastically. Ghost gives me time to focus on my writing and content."

Sara Palmer

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  • check-circle-1 Free 14-day trial
  • check-circle-1 Easy setup
  • check-circle-1 Open source