Manage, track, moderate, and support your members with ease using the Ghost members dashboard.

The member dashboard keeps everything in one place, allowing you to search for members, add notes, import and export lists, and more. This makes it easy to perform simple member admin tasks and keep track of how your membership business is performing.

Member profiles

Each member has a profile with all of the information you'll need at a glance:

Name & notes

You can add a member's name and additional notes about their subscription or any other useful information that you want to save for later in the basic info section.

Email stats and activity

See how engaged individual members are with your content right on their member profile page, with average open rates, and an activity feed of their most recent actions.

Subscribed to newsletter

This allows you to manually subscribe or unsubscribe people from receiving emails sent from Ghost. All email newsletters sent from Ghost also have an unsubscribe link by default which will change a members status to unsubscribed when clicked.


Labels can be used to segment your members, such as VIP members. It's possible to add labels manually or via a CSV import.

It's also possible to apply labels automatically via the API in your themes signup form, or using the Zapier integration.

Quick access billing in Stripe

A handy link to the Stripe customer ID allows you to quickly access a member's profile in your Stripe account. This is useful if you need to address billing issues, change their plan or apply credit.

Check out the Stripe Dashboard docs to find out more about managing your Stripe account.

Deleting members

Ghost allows your members to self-manage their subscription using cancel links that appear in Portal, or on the member's account page if your theme supports it. It's also possible to delete individual members, and delete members in bulk.

Deleting individual members

It's possible to delete a member and all their data from within their member profile using the red Delete member button at the bottom of the page. If the member you're deleting has an active subscription in Stripe, you'll see the option to cancel this subscription on their behalf:

Bulk delete

When selecting any segment of your members based on label or status, click the cog icon to access the bulk delete menu:

Confirm that you'd really like to delete the selected segment of members to begin the bulk delete action.

Bulk deletions have no effect on active Stripe subscriptions, and a backup of the members you have deleted will automatically be downloaded to your device before deletion takes place.

Accounts, cancellations & support

There are a number of sensible features that help you manage your membership business and provide the best possible support to your customers.

Complimentary plans

Ghost can create complimentary plans for when you need to give people access to paid-members only content, for free. A complimentary plan can be switched on or off from the member dashboard, or you can import members on a complimentary plan directly using CSV imports or the API.

Member accounts

Portal makes it easy for your members to manage their subscription directly from your publication. Once they're logged in, members can edit their name and email address, change or cancel their plan, update credit card information, and control their newsletter subscription.


Paid-members are automatically moved back to non-paying members if their Stripe subscription is canceled or lapses — for example if their credit card is declined too many times.

Cancellation feedback

Find out why your members cancel their subscriptions to improve your churn rates. A cancellation reason field is provided when a member decides to cancel their subscription to your site. This data is stored in the member profile in Ghost Admin, and as meta data inside your Stripe account.


We always recommend providing a way for your customers to contact you for billing issues. Since Ghost is connected to your own Stripe account, you can quickly access all billing information securely directly via your Stripe account dashboard.

Impersonate account

Ghost gives you the option to impersonate any Member's account from the Membership dashboard. This provides you with a direct way to troubleshoot any issues your members may have with your site.

Impersonate links are a great method of helping members access your site if they're having trouble with their email provider.