Ready to breathe new life into your new Ghost site and import some content? Discover how to import content and images to your publication from other Ghost installs, or other platforms.

Migrating from another platform? We can help you import your content and data for free — find out more!

Imports in Ghost

The Ghost importer allows you to import content and images directly to your new publication. Access the importer from the Settings → Advanced → Labs area in Ghost Admin.

If you're migrating from another Ghost install, the importer will handle the import for you. If you're migrating from another tool, your content needs to be formatted before it can be imported to Ghost.

Image imports

The importer accepts both JSON and zip files, which means you can import your content and images at the same time by adding your files to the same zip file.

Handling large imports

Because image imports can be high in file size, it is recommended to break up your image import into multiple, smaller zip files. You can use the following tools to split up your zip files and your JSON files.

If you're migrating from another platform, keep in mind that each import would need to use the same file path structure found in the export generated by the platform (e.g. include the /content/images/ path).

If you encounter issues, and you're a Ghost(Pro) customer, reach out to our support team for further advice, or head to the forum for community support if you're self-hosting.