Connect with your audience and keep them informed when you publish new content on your Ghost publication with built-in email newsletters.

Send new posts as email newsletters

It's possible to send an entire post as an email to your audience in a few simple clicks.

1. Create a post

All you have to do is create your content – Ghost handles the rest for you. Create your newsletter content using the editor, and insert content types such as images, video embeds, bookmarks, and more.

2. Preview your email

Ghost uses a clean, optimized HTML email template and renders your content beautifully in an email client. You can preview what it will look like on desktop and mobile before you publish and send it.

The email template will automatically take care of the content in your posts such as images, embeds, and galleries for a hassle-free email writing experience.

3. Publish the post

When you publish or schedule your post, you have the option to deliver the content as an email newsletter to your audience.

Ghost allows you to segment your email newsletters and deliver content to your members based on their level of access (free or paid) or by using labels to segment. Use the publishing menu to decide which members your post will be delivered to:

Segmenting your audience this way allows you to send emails to everyone, paid-only, free-only, to any specific segments using labels — or any combination of the above.

Customizing the design of email newsletters

Update your email design settings in Settings Email newsletter Design.

From here you can customize the design of your emails:

  • Include a header image in every email
  • Turn publication icon and title on or off
  • Choose a font style and alignment for the email header
  • Decide whether the post feature image is included in emails
  • Choose a font style for the body of the email
  • Update your footer information

Email newsletters sent from Ghost use an optimized HTML email template that delivers your content effectively and supports a wide range of content types that you'll find in our editor. We optimize this template to support as many content types and email clients as possible, to make sending emails from Ghost hassle-free.

Creating newsletter-exclusive content

You can use email cards to create text-based content that will only appear in your newsletters. Email cards currently support basic text formatting and personalized greetings.

Email cards allow you to personalize your email newsletters with specific content. Content added to email cards will never appear in posts published on your website and are only visible in sent email newsletters. You can use as many email cards as required within a single post to personalize your email newsletters in Ghost.

To create an email card, click on the dynamic menu within the post editor, or type / on a new line. Select Email from the list of options.

Adding a personalized greeting

When you create an email card, the default greeting {first_name, "there"} will appear which references your member's name using the dynamic placeholder. If a name is attached to the member, it will appear as "Hey John" within the email newsletter. If there is no name available, the fallback "there" will be used, and will parse as "Hey there." The text field can be customized and has multi-language support.

Emails sent from your Ghost publication include an unsubscribe link by default, so your subscribers can decide if they'd like to receive future emails from you. This won't affect their membership status to access the content on your site.

Use the getting started guide to find out how to set up members with email newsletters.

Email and Members analytics

Ghost will automatically track analytics of each email newsletter you publish and tie it to your members. You can view many people the email was delivered to, and the percentage of users that opened it. Email newsletter analytics are enabled by default, however, you can toggle this setting off by navigating to Email newsletter under Settings in Ghost admin.

View post analytics

Posts that are published and sent as newsletters will display Sends and Opens columns. Sends show how many members successfully received the newsletter to their mailbox, whereas Opens indicates the number of members that clicked and opened the newsletter.

View members analytics

Member profile pages display email newsletter open rates, number of emails received, and an activity feed. You can view member profile pages by navigating to Members in Ghost admin and clicking on a member.