Ghost is a flexible platform that provides multiple methods of integrating external tools and services so that you can extend your site, automate tasks, and bring your favorite tools with you.

Browse the official integrations library to discover the most popular tools used with Ghost:

Ghost integrations – official apps, plugins & tools
Ghost plugins, tools & apps to integrate withh your Ghost site for automation, analytics, marketing, support and much more! πŸ‘‰

How integrations work in Ghost

There are multiple methods of integrating external tools with Ghost depending on the type of integration required:

  • Embeds β€” Embed media from external tools by pasting URLs into the Ghost editor, or using HTML cards.
  • Code-injection β€” Sitewide code-injection allows you to paste scripts or code from external tools to create an integration.
  • No-code tools β€” Integrate with thousands of tools using Zapier or Make.
  • Webhooks β€” Create custom integrations with dedicated API keys and webhooks.
  • Themes β€” Some more advanced integrations call for adding some code directly into your Ghost theme files.
  • API β€” For more advanced use cases, developers can build integrations using the Content API and Admin API.