Apple Pay is a contactless payment option supported by Stripe. This payment method offers your customers a seamless payment option using a card they’ve already attached to their Apple Wallet.

There is no difference in Stripe payment fees when using Apple Pay. To add support for this payment option on Ghost(Pro) it does require the Creator plan or higher to implement.

Enable Apple Pay

Apple Pay can be enabled from the Wallets section, within the Settings Payment Methods area of your Stripe account.

To configure Apple Pay, expand the option from the Wallets area, and click Configure.

In your Apple Pay configuration settings, click Add new domain:

Once your domain has been entered, download the verification file provided and save it locally so that it can be uploaded to your site.

Uploading the verification file to your site

To add this file to your site, download your active theme from the Settings Design page in Ghost Admin, and unzip the theme directory on your computer.

Once unzipped, create a new folder within the root of your theme directory called .well-known, and place the file you downloaded from Stripe into the folder.

When finished, zip the theme directory and upload the new version in Ghost Admin, and then head back to Stripe and click Add to verify the domain.

When Apple Pay is configured, an Apple Pay badge appears if Stripe checkout detects the customer's device and the region that supports Apple Pay.

You’re all set!

With Apple Pay fully configured, you can allow Stripe’s checkout to do the rest and offer the payment method to your customers when available. If you’d like to test this out, try going through your payment flow in a private window on a device where you have Apple Pay setup.