By default Ghost supports payments from members via Credit Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Enabling the Additional Payment Methods (beta) in Ghost β†’ Settings β†’ Labs will allow you to manually control which payment methods your members can use from within your Stripe Dashboard.

This is a beta, which means we're still testing this feature. If you run into any issues using additional payment methods, please report them over on

Why set up additional payment methods

Different payment methods are popular in different parts of the world. In the US it's common to pay for things online with a credit card. In The Netherlands almost nobody uses credit cards, people there prefer iDEAL, a payment system that connects directly to their bank account. In China, AliPay and WeChat Pay are much more popular payment methods than any other.

Unsurprisingly, when a site supports the payment method their customers are most accustomed to and comfortable with, their conversion rates tend to be much higher.

If your audience is predominantly based in a specific region, you will likely want to make sure you support that region's most popular payment methods.

If your audience is international, you may want to consider supporting a wide range of payment methods to appeal to different demographics.

How to set up payment methods in Stripe

First, visit the payment methods settings in your Stripe dashboard, here:

On this screen, payment methods which are compatible with Ghost can be enabled and will automatically start working on your site. Payment methods which are not compatible with Ghost are marked as Blocked.

Payment method compatibility

Some payment methods are limited to subscriptions in specific currencies. For example: If you enable iDEAL, it will only show up on your site if your premium tier is being offered in EUR. You can click on each payment method in the Stripe Dashboard to discover which currencies it supports.

Non-recurring payment methods

Ghost is not able to support payment methods that don't support recurring payments, such as Bank Transfers, PayNow, Swish, and Crypto Currencies.


When using iDEAL with recurring payments, Stripe processes the payments via SEPA. You must enable the "recurring payments" setting, and customers will see SEPA as the payment method during checkout.

The "Recurring payments" toggle is disabled if premiums tiers are not EUR
This is what customers will see during checkout