Create content, select an access level, hit publish, and deliver your creative work to the right people.

Ghost allows you to create a publication that has public content, members only content and paid-members only content. Or you can have a combination of all three if your theme supports it.

Post access

The post access drop down menu is located in Post Settings within the Ghost editor. This is the same place where information such as a feature images, post URLs and custom meta data is added - so you can prepare your content for distribution from a single easy-to-use menu.

Once your content is ready to go, simply select an access level from the drop down menu. Here's a quick explanation of how each access level functions:


Public content does what it says, it publishes a post or page that is visible by anyone who visits your website.

Many membership publications publish public content as a way to share content on social media, or rank in the search engines in order to attract more members or potential paying subscribers to the site.

Members only

Members only content is only available to view by members who have signed up and logged in using a magic link sent to their email address. Depending on how your theme is built, your site might show a small preview of this content and then provide a signup or login form to continue reading.

This access level only allows members of your site who have an active subscription in Stripe to view the content. This means members will not only need to be logged in, but they also need to have selected a plan that you determined, and entered credit card details in Stripe.

Paid-members will automatically be moved back to non-paying members if their subscription is canceled or lapses - for example if their credit card is declined too many times. For billing issues of this nature, you should always provide a way for your customers to get in touch with you by providing contact information on your site.