Ghost Members is a feature that we're extremely excited to introduce to the software. It's a fully functioning beta feature that supports a wide range of membership business models for publishing, and it's built on top of a battle-tested CMS.

We're continuously shipping improvements and new features at Ghost which you can follow over on GitHub, or on our Changelog.

Here are some useful answers to common questions about using Members:

Can I use other payment providers?

The only way to take payments from members is to connect a Stripe account. Stripe is the leading worldwide online payments and billing platform and we have a solid integration with them as a verified partner. Stripe also enables your members to use Apple Pay.

Is it possible to view members-only content using incognito mode, or by disabling JavaScript in the browser?

No. Ghost Members access levels are set on the server. There's no secret ways for people who are not members to access your content. The only way to allow anyone to view your posts is to set the access level to public.

Are there really no transaction fees?

All of your revenue will be paid directly to you and Ghost never takes a cut. The only fees you will ever have to pay are any associated fees from Stripe.

But really, how much does it cost?

Ghost the product is free to use and modify under an open source license, but you'll need to self-host.

Or you can use our hosted service, Ghost(Pro), which allows you to spin up a new site in a few minutes, and covers you for hosting, security, upgrades, maintenance and much more.

What type of content creators can use Ghost?

The platform is flexible and integrates with hundreds of external tools, which makes it possible to use Ghost members in many ways. It can be used by writers, bloggers, podcasters, video creators, community managers and more.

The Ghost editor provides a familiar editorial experience and supports dynamic content using cards. This means you can add images, galleries, embeds for video and audio and much more. The quickest way to discover what you could create with Ghost is to try it for free and see for yourself.

How do I submit user feedback?

We'd really appreciate any feedback you have about using members in Ghost. Our community forum is the best place to find answers that other people have already solved, or to submit a suggestion to the ideas category.

We have a small, distributed team and generous open source contributors who have made Ghost what it is today. Find out more about our development principles, or how to contribute to Ghost.