Give a warm welcome to new members with custom welcome pages in two simple steps.

Using a custom welcome page is a great way to invite new members to your site and provide introduction content to get them started.

Welcome pages in Ghost can be configured directly in the Ghost Admin, and new members can be automatically redirected to such a welcome page after they click the email confirmation link. Setting up your own welcome pages for new members can be achieved in two simple steps.

Create a new page

In Ghost Admin, go to Pages and create a new page. This is where you can create any kind of welcome message for new members using the editor.

This is a good time to let new members know what they can expect from you, share a list of your most popular work or embed a survey.

Once the page is ready, choose a URL and publish with a post access level of Members only.

Enter the URL in Portal settings

Head to Settings â†’ Membership → Tiers and open the individual membership tiers to update the welcome page for each one of them:

If you're running a paid publication and would like to offer a different welcome message to free and paid members, repeat this process with two different welcome pages.