When a Ghost(Pro) subscription payment is past due, we will automatically attempt to collect the payment multiple times over the course of 28 days from the original due date.

When the payment fails, the billing contact will receive a failed payment notification email, containing a link to update your card information. When your card information is updated, we will immediately try to process your renewal. We have a guide on how to update your payment method here.

If we’re unsuccessful renewing your subscription after multiple attempts, your account will be suspended, and your site will go offline.

If your site has gone offline due to a payment issue, or you need additional support, contact support@ghost.org for assistance.

Card failure

When a card is declined, or fails to process your Ghost(Pro) subscription, it usually occurs for one of a few different reasons:

Incorrect billing information
Virtual banks such as N26 and Revolut may require the card country to be set to as United Kingdom as that's where they're based. Also verify that your billing name, address, ZIP code, and CVV number for your credit card match what's in our system. The CVV number is a three-digit code printed on the back of most credit and debit cards. On American Express cards, it's a four-digit code on the front of the card.

Incorrect card type
We currently only accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, all of which cannot be pre-paid. If you are trying to use a pre-paid card, or a card type we do not support (e.g. Discover) your card will be declined.

Transaction marked as fraud
Your bank may have falsely marked the transaction as fraud, due to our organisation being based in Singapore. When this happens, the transaction can be marked as "safe," but you'll need to contact your financial institution.

Card expired
Check the expiration date on your card and verify that we have the correct date in our system.

Browser issues
Web browsers can cache errors from previously failed attempts which will prevent the transaction from being processed. Clear your browser's cache and cookies, and try again after adding your payment method.

India-based Credit Cards
Due to changes with RBI, for India-based customers having trouble upgrading, or processing renewal payments, we’d recommend reaching out to the Ghost Support Team for further assistance with your payment.