The public preview feature can be inserted on any post or page to make a distinction between public content which is visible to everyone, and member content which is only visible to logged-in members.

Using a public preview provides the flexibility to introduce a subscription requirement or a paywall at any point within your content.

Adding the public preview divider

  1. Select the public preview option from the card menu in the editor to insert the divider into the content:
Typing === on a new line also works!

2. Click and drag the divider to move it around the page if required.

3. Don't forget to set the correct Post access level from the settings menu:

Posts set to Members only display content after the divider to all logged-in members. Posts set to Paid-members only display content after the divider to logged-in members with an active paid subscription. Read more about protected content in Ghost.

You're ready to go! Public previews can be placed anywhere, with no limits on how much content is included before or after the divider.