This is where the magic happens! Uploading a pre-built or custom theme for your publication unlocks the ability to render your site in almost any way imaginable.

Check out our marketplace of free and premium themes to get started

Official Ghost themes

Your new Ghost publication is installed with the default theme, Casper, a beautiful magazine style theme. There are several more free official themes, which can be installed directly from the theme marketplace.

To install an offical theme, head to the theme preview, and click the Install button in the top right corner. Then all you need to do is enter your site's URL and click Install now.

Premium themes

You'll also find the a selection of handpicked premium Ghost themes in the marketplace, which have been built by third party developers. To purchase and download a premium theme, follow the Purchase button and then follow the instructions provided by the theme developer.

Install a theme manually

To install a premium or custom theme manually, go to Settings Theme and use the Upload a theme button to upload your theme .zip file. Ensure the theme you'd like to use is activated.

Download a theme

To download a copy of your theme as a backup or for any other purpose, click Download next to the theme from the themes list. Themes are downloaded in .zip format.