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How to add a tip jar

Give your readers more opportunities to support your content (and boost your revenue) by adding a tip jar to your site. It's quick and easy, and this tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know.

Offer your most engaged readers multiple ways to support your content by adding a tip jar to your Ghost membership site with Stripe.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up the payment link in Stripe and how to add the link to your Ghost site as a navigation item, a page, and a content snippet.

Click this button to create a new payment link in your Stripe dashboard:

Next, fill in the details for your payment link. These details are entirely up to you. For most Tip Jars, people select "Let customers choose what to pay" — When everything looks good, click Create link.

Payment link details screen

Once created, click Copy to get the URL for your payment link.

Copy payment link button screen

You can now add this payment link anywhere in Ghost to give people a direct link to your Tip Jar. There are several places to choose from!

Add a tip jar to your Ghost navigation menu

Place the link in your main navigation to show a global link on every page.

Ghost navigation page

Add a tip jar to a Ghost post or page

Insert the link to a Button card in any content within the Ghost editor.

Payment link page for Coffee Talk

Create a re-usable tip jar content snippet

In Ghost, snippets are saved, reusable piece of content. They’re perfect for quickly adding a Tip Jar link at opportune moments, which you can easily insert regularly in your posts again in future.

Sample content snippet for Coffee Talk

This example uses the Header card, which adds a beautiful, full-width element to the page.

To be able to use this on other posts and pages, turn the card into a snippet, and it will then be available to use in any post or page in future from the card menu.



Tip jars offer your visitors a simple way to contribute to your content financially with a one-off payment, and thanks to Stripe and Ghost, this is easy to set up for your publication

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