Ghost is a highly flexible platform, and the Members feature allows creators of all kinds to run a premium subscription business. It's possible to use this feature to sell premium courses using recurring subscriptions as your business model — where you ask visitors to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to access the full library of course materials and other resources.

Subscription courses

To put this into perspective, it's possible to build your own Masterclass or Treehouse, using Ghost to power your content and subscriptions.

Multiple courses can easily be categorized using tags, and since Ghost themes can be infinitely customized by a theme developer, you can present your course material in an infinite number of ways.

Courses with one-off payments

Selling courses with one-off payments is not natively supported, but many publishers use integrations with tools like Gumroad or Shopify to embed one-off products or services on their Ghost site.

This is a great option if your primary business model is to sell premium content via recurring subscriptions (which is what Ghost is designed for) — but you also have additional products to sell or promote using one-off payments.