There are four types of staff users that you can invite to your publication. Here's a full breakdown of the permissions each role has:

Administrator Editor Author Contributor
Overall User Interface
view ‘Settings’ in admin menu    
view ‘Your Profile’ in user menu  ✔
edit ‘Your Profile’ in user menu  ✔
view general site settings      
edit general site settings      
view users settings    
invite users A*    
revoke invites to users A*    
view other users A*    
edit other users A*    
delete other users A*    
add admin      
add editor      
add author    
add contributor    
assign ✔ (role = author)   
edit tags    
add tags  
delete tags    
Content List
browse all posts    
browse own posts ✔   
create new posts
publish posts  
edit own posts  
edit other’s posts    
delete own posts  
delete other’s posts    
import content      
export content      
delete all content      
import members      
export members      
delete members      
view members      
Send test mail      
✔ – Yes
A* – Authors only

Delete a staff user

To delete a staff user, click on the gear icon from the user’s profile in the Staff dashboard and select Delete User.

Deleting a user is irreversible and will attribute all content authored by the deleted staff user to the owner user of the publication.

Suspend a staff user

It's possible to suspend a staff user, so they are unable to login to your Ghost Admin area. Suspended staff users retain their user profile and content attribution.

To suspend a user, click on the gear icon from the user’s profile in the Staff dashboard and select Suspend User.

Transfer ownership

There is only ever one owner user of a Ghost site which cannot be deleted. The owner user has all of the same permissions as the admin with some exceptions, for example, access to billing details if using Ghost(Pro).

There can only be one owner and this user cannot be deleted, but owners are able to transfer their ownership to another user. This can be done from the Settings Staff area in Ghost Admin. Click on an Administrator staff user's profile and select the Make owner option from the gear icon in the top right-hand corner.

Changing password

To change the password tied to a staff user account, you’ll need to first enter the old password, as well as configure a new one. Once saved, the new password will be required when logging into Ghost Admin.