Hover domain setup guide


To make your publication easy to identify you can use a custom domain name with your Ghost(Pro) site.

You can connect any domain or subdomain that you own to your Ghost(Pro) publication by adding a CNAME record to your domain’s DNS records. SSL certificates are automatically provided (and renewed each year).

If you own a Hover domain, the following steps explain how you can implement a custom domain with your Ghost(Pro) publication.

Access Domain DNS Settings

The first step in setting up your custom domain with your publication is to head over to your domain's DNS settings on Hover.

Login to your Hover account, and access your domains. Edit the domain you want to connect to Ghost(Pro):

Edit DNS Records

Create a CNAME Record

Next, you need to create a CNAME record within your domain's DNS settings.

From the domain's DNS settings, click the "Add A Record" button and select CNAME as the record type:

Select Record Type

In the "Hostname" field, enter www. Hover does not support root domain configurations, and using an A record to achieve a root domain is not supported. Enter your Ghost URL as the target name, e.g. subodmain.ghost.io and click add to create your CNAME record:

CNAME Record Details

Domain Activation

The final step to complete your custom domain setup is to go back to Ghost.org and activate your custom domain.

  • Log into your Ghost.org account at my.ghost.org/signin and setup a custom domain in the "Domain Settings" section.

  • Enter the domain into the custom domain field on my.ghost.org, making sure to include www when entering the domain. For example, www.yourdomain.com:

Activate Custom Domain

  • Activate your custom domain - this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours due to the length of time your DNS takes to propagate.

  • Once activated, you can view your publication by going to the custom domain directly from the browser.


Great work! 🎉 You successfully configured your Hover domain to point to your Ghost(Pro) publication. Now instead of directing readers to your ghost.io URL, you can use your custom branded domain!

If you're having trouble getting your custom domain to activate, drop [email protected] a message for help.