Gandi domain setup


Establish yourself as a branded, professional publication by using a memorable custom domain.

You can connect any domain or subdomain you own directly your Ghost(Pro) publication by adding a CNAME record within your domain's DNS settings.

Each Ghost(Pro) publication is also provided an SSL certificate by default, which is renewed for you automatically each year.

If you own a Gandi domain, the following steps explain how you can implement a custom domain with your Ghost(Pro) publication.

Root domain configuration

Gandi does not support CNAME root domain configurations and using an A record to achieve a root domain is not supported. To setup a root domain configuration, follow this guide to create a subdomain configuration and then use the domain forwarding option to setup a 301 redirect. This workaround has limitations, so we recommend that you consider using Cloudflare for additional flexibility.

Access your domain DNS settings

The first step in setting up your custom domain is to sign into your Gandi dashboard, then head over your domain settings.

Select the domain to be configured with your Ghost(Pro) site.

Next, click "DNS Records" from the domain settings toolbar at the top.

Click "Add" to add a new DNS record.

Populate the DNS record with the following information:

Name: www
Hostname: <subdomain>.ghost.io.

Remember to end the Hostname with a full stop.

Domain Activation

The final step to complete your custom domain setup is to go back to Ghost.org and activate your custom domain.

  • Log into your Ghost.org account at my.ghost.org/signin and setup a custom domain in the "Domain Settings" section.
  • Enter the domain into the custom domain field on my.ghost.org, making sure to include www when entering the domain. For example, www.yourdomain.com:
  • Activate your custom domain - this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours for your DNS to propagate.
  • Once activated, you can view your publication by going to the custom domain directly from the browser.


You did it! 🎉 You've successfully configured your custom domain on Gandi to point to your Ghost(Pro) site!

If you're having trouble getting your custom domain to activate, drop [email protected] a message for help.