Email newsletters

Create new content in the editor and email it directly to your subscribers in just a few clicks.

Ghost makes it possible to run a premium email newsletter and saves time by keeping everything all in one place. Create a new post, publish or schedule it, and your subscribers will receive the content in their inbox.

Send email newsletters from the editor

Connect with your audience and keep them informed when you publish new content on your Ghost publication with built-in email newsletters. It's possible to send an entire post as an email to your members list or run a premium newsletter for paid-members only.

All you have to do is create your content – Ghost handles the rest for you. Simply check the email box in the publish settings menu to automatically email your subscribers when the content is published.

Sending emails in Ghost

Ghost uses a clean, optimised HTML email template and renders your content beautifully in an email client. You can preview what it will look like on desktop and mobile before you publish and send.

Preview email

Free and premium email newsletters

It's possible to send your email newsletters to different groups of members, based on their membership status (free, or paid) using the post access levels. All you need to do is create your content, select the correct post access level and hit publish.

With some minor theme configurations, you can host your newsletter content on a unique section of your site. Alternatively, you could hide newsletter content completely and use the Ghost editor simply for sending emails to your subscribers. Find out how to do this in the recipes section.


Emails sent from your Ghost publication include an unsubscribe link by default, so your subscribers can decide if they'd like to recieve future emails from you. This won't affect their membership status to access the content on your site.

Use the getting started guide to find out how to setup members with email newsletters.