Build a business

Build a business

Building an independent publishing business just got easier with this collection of resources to help you understand all of the requirements, from pricing your product, to picking the right tech stack and more.

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Hiring for creators: What to know before growing your team

Here's how to find the perfect fit for your business.

4 min read
Advanced pricing strategies for publishers

How to find the right number for your business.

8 min read
The best (and worst) methods bloggers use to make money

Knowing how you plan to make money will help you get there faster.

7 min read
Email deliverability explained for publishers

Find out why DMARC is not necessarily the answer to your delivery problems.

5 min read
How to switch from Patreon to Ghost

Built an audience on Patreon but looking for more ownership of your revenue and content?

9 min read
Pricing your offers: Conversion vs retention

As your business evolves, your discount strategy should too.

5 min read
Proven discount strategies for publishers

Setting up the right timing for your offers is as critical as finding the right amount.

4 min read
Which creator tech stack is right for you? ⭐️

Understand the benefits and limitations of the platforms you choose to run your business with this guide.

7 min read
How to create a design brief for a Ghost theme ⭐️

Getting your theme design project right is important β€” here's a template to get you started.

6 min read
Subscription business metrics explained for publishers

This user-friendly resource tells you everything you need to know about subscription business stats.

9 min read
How to increase the open rates of your email newsletter

Everyone wants to get more subscribers to open more emails, and these tips will help you do that.

8 min read
How to get paid sponsorships for your email newsletter

Ready to incorporate sponsorships into your newsletter? Read this first.

8 min read
Should you sell newsletter sponsorships?

Sponsorships can be a great way to monetize, but they're not a good fit for every creator.

4 min read
7 ways to make money on YouTube without ads ⭐️

Bring sustainability to your growing creator income on YouTube by branching out.

10 min read
Conversion strategy: Turn more readers into paid members

Convert more free subscribers into paid ones by communicating what you offer clearly.

8 min read

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