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🎁 Build with Ghost: Wrapped 2023

Explore the highlights of 2023 in our final Build with Ghost issue of the year, including all the features shipped, tutorials published, and links you clicked. We also have some brand new resources and ideas to check out if you aren't one to live in the past 📟

Welcome to the final issue of 2024 🥂 Here's what we have in store:

  • A rundown of everything that came to Ghost in 2023
  • Learn how Rob Conery transformed his Ghost site into a course platform and other resources on style and design
  • Sites featured
  • Our most popular links
  • Tutorials published

Every new feature in Ghost from 2023

It was a busy year for Ghost. Here is every major feature we shipped this year 🚢 Kind of makes you excited for what we've got planned for 2024, right?










Ideas and tools 🛠️

A grid showing featured sites from 2023

Featured sites from the above image, starting from the upper left. Many featured sites are found on the recently redesigned Ghost Explore.

These are the most clicked links from previous issues of Build with Ghost.

A grid of artwork showing the feature images for tutorials published on Ghost

We published these tutorials in 2023 to give you a few more moves when building with Ghost 💃 (Many of these tutorials also had accompanying YouTube videos.)

Thanks for building with us.

See you again in 2024 🙂

If you're itching for a Ghost fix before then, head over to our official Forum, where we're always talking about Ghost, from debugging problems to discussing clever tips and tricks.

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