🧠 Build with Ghost: Do you know these essential concepts?

🧠 Build with Ghost: Do you know these essential concepts?

Issue 6 features three things you must know when building a Ghost theme, how we're on our way to supporting 33 different languages, 25 examples of jaw-dropping typography, and an interview with the cool site, Architecture Notes

Welcome to Issue #6! Some highlights from this issue by the numbers:

  • Our new tutorial lays out 3 essential concepts to know when building a Ghost theme
  • Ghost is on its way to supporting 33 different languages
  • 25 examples of jaw-dropping typography
  • Get to know the systems powering our daily lives from the 1 and only Architecture Notes

Pro tip: Hopefully, you're already using snippets, Ghost's feature that allows you to reuse content across posts and pages. But did you know you can also turn an entire post or email into a snippet? For example, if you send out a weekly newsletter that always follows the same format, you can create a snippet from the entirety of an existing email to jump-start a new issue. (Additionally, use our new duplicate post feature to achieve this functionality. A bonus here is that tags and authors are retained across copies.)

Essential concepts to know when building a Ghost theme

Our newest tutorial covers three essential concepts to know when building a Ghost theme. Here are the concepts:

  1. What a templating language is and the basics of Ghost's templating language, Handlebars
  2. The three required files β€” index.hbs, post.hbs, and package.json β€” that contribute to a theme's structure
  3. How contexts connect your site's data with the right template

These concepts will give you the foundational knowledge you need to build a killer custom theme πŸ’ͺ

Essential concepts to know when building a Ghost theme
In this tutorial, learn to wield the powerful Handlebars templating language, unravel the core structure of a theme, and understand the crucial role contexts play in theme development.

Just shipped 🚒

Ideas and tools πŸ› οΈ

On the beautiful site, Architecture Notes, Mahdi Yusuf publishes content about the systems we use every day. As a Senior Staff Engineer at 1Password, former CTO at Gyroscope, and technical researcher, Mahdi is no stranger to system design and software architecture. Recent posts discuss technical debt and database sharding, and there's even a capture-the-flag event that challenges participants to solve a series of encryption-related puzzles.

Architecture Notes β€” System Design & Software Architectures Explained
Engineering architecture notes about system design and software architectures explained by engineers for engineers.

If you were looking for somewhere to start with Mahdi's content, he recommends two posts in particular: Redis Explained β€” which offers an awesome introduction to the open-source key-value database server β€” and Relational Databases Explained, which includes this awesome infographic:

Relational Databases Explained Infographic

Of all the possible systems and platforms out there, we asked Mahdi why he uses Ghost. He says that he's followed Ghost since day one (10 years ago), and when version five dropped, it became his choice for a publication and newsletter service all in one. Also, he says, "The community is incredible and the built in subscription system is a no brainer as my platform of choice."

When working with Ghost, he advises keeping the setup simple, posting consistently, and leveraging snippets (see the tip above) for reusable elements. We agree with all of this and recommend heading over to Architecture Notes to finally learn what database sharding is β€” turns out it's more than just a funny word 😜

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Thanks for building with us.

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