You can easily migrate your posts and subscribers from Medium to Ghost in just a few clicks, using the Medium migrator in Ghost Admin.

Run the migration

The Medium migrator allows you to quickly import content and members from your Medium to your Ghost publication. You can access the migrator tool from the Settings → Advanced → Import/Export area of Ghost Admin.

It's helpful to log in to your Medium account before running the migration in Ghost Admin.

1. Enter your Medium URL

To start the migration process, enter the public URL to your Medium, and click Continue.

2. Export content

Next, click Open Medium Settings, and click Download your information. A link to download the export will be sent to your email.

3. Upload content

Once your export has been downloaded, return to the migrator window in Ghost Admin, and select Click or drag file here to upload, and navigate to the zip file you downloaded from Medium, once uploaded click Continue.

If you're unsure of where the file was saved, check your Downloads folder.

4. Export subscribers

Next, it's time to import your Medium subscribers. Click Open Medium Audience stats, and click Export this list.

Once downloaded, select Click or drag file here to upload and navigate to the text download, and click Continue.

5. Review

Ghost will confirm the number of posts and members that will be imported to your publication. If satisfied, click Import content and subscribers to begin the import of your data.

After a few moments, you'll see a confirmation message, confirming that your data was successfully migrated to your Ghost site.

If you encounter issues, and you're a Ghost(Pro) customer, reach out to our support team for further advice, or head to the forum for community support if you're self-hosting.