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Validating your Ghost theme is handled efficiently with the GScan tool. GScan will check your theme for errors, deprecations and compatibility issues. GScan is used in several ways:

  • The GScan site is your first port of call to test any themes that you’re building to get a full validation report
  • When a theme is uploaded in Ghost admin, it will automatically be checked with gscan and any fatal errors will prevent the theme from being used
  • gscan is also used as a command line tool

Command line

To use GScan as a command line tool, globally install the gscan npm package:

# Install the npm package
npm install -g gscan

# Use gscan <file path> anywhere to run gscan against a folder
gscan /path/to/ghost/content/themes/casper

# Run gscan on a zip file
gscan -z /path/to/download/theme.zip