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Our team had one goal when we set out to build the resources collection: create the guide we wish existed in the world. Something that was actionable, clear, and current.

We're proud of how it came together, but even more so — we're enlivened by the successes you've had because of it!

As 2022 comes to a close, here are the three articles you deemed most helpful (based on overall traffic and social shares).


How to format a blog post that readers love
There’s a better way to organize your content. Here’s how.

In this resource, you'll learn how to take your excellent content and shape it in a way that ensures it has the impact you're after.


10-minute workouts to improve your writing
Writing is an art. Getting better at it requires lots and lots of practice.

Next, we have a collection of 7 exercises any person can use to dramatically transform their writing skills.


How to land your first newsletter sponsorship
Having trouble getting sponsors for your newsletter? This guide breaks down exactly how big publishers do it, so you can too.

Finally, here's everything you need to know about how to price, locate, and secure your first paid sponsorship.

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This year you helped this humble weekly newsletter skyrocket in popularity.

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Now, here are the three most popular newsletter issues (based on open rates and clicks).


🔆 The one success factor 100% within your control
It all comes down to your output. The more you produce, the longer you stay inthe game, the better your chances are of creator success. Now, let’s help youget there. 💬 In this week’s issue: * Success leaves clues. Follow one creator’s unconventional path to making it. * Content types. Tips

The focus of this issue is output. We look at practical ways to optimize what you do, so that you can do more of it (without burning out).


🥇 Are you overcomplicating what it takes to win online?
Most of us do. We overcomplicate, overstrategize, and overwork ourselves into afrustrated frenzy because we think it has to be this way. It doesn’t — and thefollowing resources will help you see why. 💬 In this week’s issue: * Long-form. How creators are holding people’s attention for hours on…

What would this look like if it were easy? This is the guiding question of this issue which unlocks why simplicity is necessary for sustainable success.


✅ It’s not what you know, it’s what you do
Right now, all around the world, creative people are dreaming up brilliant ideas. Some of these ideas may even be better than the one you’re working on right now. But ultimately, they’ll go nowhere. Because most people don’t take action. Most people wait and watch and wonder how other people

Lastly, we explain the power of intuitive action and why it can be so tricky to get right as a new creator.

🌟 Why curiosity gets you farther than ambition

As a final word of advice to prepare you for the year ahead, don't let your ambition quiet your curiosity.

To illustrate this point, comedian Drew Lynch shares their story in the video below. Once an actor on the rise, a sporting accident derailed Drew's career and left them with a lifelong stutter.

But it was through this incident that Drew learned the lesson that has since catapulted their career: curiosity and ambition are not opposites — they're teammates.

We often look at our goals linearly, as if a sign that says "road closed" is deterring us. But what if the detour we are forced to take was never presented as a detour? If you never knew that road was closed, you would never know it wasn't the original route in the first place. You would just assume this was part of the journey.

Success never comes in a straight line. It never follows our timeline or plan exactly and always finds a way to surprise us.

So, as you map out your year ahead, outlining what you hope to accomplish, make sure to leave room for the unknown, for wandering, and for play.  

Because not getting what you originally wanted could lead to more than you ever imagined.

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