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🎁 The gift of doubt

Uncertainty precedes discovery. Not knowing how to complete a task or what the outcome will be is scary, which is why most people freeze. They stop taking action until they know more. Until they can be sure. But life and business don't work like that. If you want to create

4 min read
πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ It's time to "get your reps in"

What if every time you saw a successful creator, instead of thinking, "they're better than me," you said, "they've simply done this more than I have." Suddenly, success becomes a game of numbers and stops being a search for some mysterious secret or hack or tool. Like a weightlifter striving

4 min read
βœ… It's not what you know, it's what you do

Right now, all around the world, creative people are dreaming up brilliant ideas. Some of these ideas may even be better than the one you're working on right now. But ultimately, they'll go nowhere. Because most people don't take action. Most people wait and watch and wonder how other people

4 min read
πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ The uncomfortable decision every creator must make

Despite your best intentions, you will never be able to make everyone happy. You will have to draw lines in the sand around the projects you pursue, the people you work with, and the topics you address. You will have to say no to good things to make room for

5 min read
🫣 The most dangerous word in business

Is should. I should be there by now. This should be working. We should have known better. It's the word comparison uses to disguise itself as logic. But don't fall for its tactics. There is no one right answer, no sure path forward. No guarantees β€” only possibilities. An infinite number

4 min read
πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ How to speed up your success as a creator

There's a quote often used in productivity circles that says, "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast." The meaning is simple: when you go slow, you tend to make fewer mistakes. You listen better, become more observant, and save yourself the trouble of needing to start over. Ultimately, going slow is

4 min read
πŸ™‚ If you want to grow, let people in

Transparency is a game changer for those willing to apply it. So many organizations, big and small, build invisible walls between themselves and their customers. But as an independent creator, you can change this. You can hold 1-on-1 conversations, tell real stories, and share your stumbles along the way. Ultimately,

4 min read
πŸ”­ The way discovery really works for creators

It tends to happen slowly, then all at once. Most successful creatives spend years gradually gaining momentum β€” building their fanbase, skillset, and content library. Then, something changes. A trend shifts. An influencer takes notice. An article goes viral. And all of a sudden, growth spikes. But those big wins rely

4 min read
⚑️ Where to focus your creator energy next

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when building your own thing. The trick is to point all your attention towards the few things you can control: your output, attitude, and choices. No matter what twist gets thrown your way β€” treat it like it's there to help you, and it will. πŸ’¬ In

3 min read
🌁 Why there's no shortcut to great work

Actress Sally Field was once asked how to have a long, creative career. Field answered that most people get frustrated by all of the non-acting work (administrative tasks, casting calls, relationship-building, etc.), but early on, they realized this was the key: "The struggle is the work." Building a successful newsletter,

4 min read
βš–οΈ How to keep your creative projects legal

The truth is, no one you look up to had it all figured out when they began (especially when it came to the legal side of things). Thankfully, there are very smart people willing to share their knowledge, tools, and templates to help. πŸ’¬ In this week's issue: * Above board. Check

4 min read
πŸ₯‡ Who should be your first "true fan"?

You. We can discuss the importance of building an audience until the cows come home. But no one will be excited about your creations unless you are first. Here's how to make that happen. πŸ’¬ In this week's issue: * Transformation. What that "stuck" feeling might be trying to tell you. * Word

4 min read
🌱 How to tell if you're on the right track as a creator

The right path is whatever one keeps you creating. It's a simple truth, but one that can lead to incredible results when applied in the real world. If you've felt unsure about your strategy, here are a few resources to help you reframe your journey. πŸ’¬ In this week's issue: * Slow

4 min read
πŸ›£ Where does the road less traveled lead

As an independent creator, you get the benefit of deciding your route but also the burden of no guarantees about the destination. So, if you want to stack the odds in your favor β€” build something you enjoy working on from day 1, and let the winding road worry about itself.

4 min read
πŸ§— How to climb the ladder of creator success

Say yes to every opportunity that promises to get you even half an inch closer to your goals. In the early days of building your dream, progress will feel painfully slow. But don't mistake slow progress for none at all. Because it is there. You are getting closer. Just keep

4 min read

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