Kym Ellis

Kym Ellis

🌊 Making a splash

Welcome back to this week's issue of the Ghost Newsletter, your go-to place for the latest insights, ideas, and resources from the world of content creation and publishing. Let's dive in 🏄 💬 In this week's issue: * Announcements — ICYMI, you can now add announcements to any Ghost site in a few clicks.

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🦄 Rising above average

Welcome back, everyone! We're excited to bring you another themed issue this week, with three stories and ideas about something we all rely on in the creator economy: Writing. Let's dive in, the water is warm & there aren't many sharks around. 💬 In this week's issue: * The Artisans Way — Why creators

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🛸 Dare to be different

Happy Sunday everyone! If you want to grow your audience or build a successful community, this week's top stories are for you. Dive right in 🤿 💬 In this week's issue: * Find out how to grow (using Twitter) with these simple but effective tips * Lessons you can learn from a shuttered paid

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How to build an independent local news product

Local news is in crisis. Traditional outlets saddled with debt are closing, leaving “news deserts” behind them.

8 min read
The importance of word of mouth marketing for creators

A universal truth for every business, whether online, offline, subscription, or one-time purchase, is that they are dependent on marketing channels for growth. Marketing channels come in lots of different forms: Social media, SEO, network/referrals, word of mouth, advertising, or any other method where people who haven't heard of

4 min read
Why content distribution is the key to growth

You're creating great work. Make sure people see it.

6 min read
How to grow a creator business with free trial signups

Free trials are a popular acquisition model amongst businesses with recurring subscriptions. Offering your readers a free trial is a great strategy to increase your subscription revenue by giving readers the chance to have access to your paid content for a set period of time — so they can decide whether

8 min read
Community guidelines: Fostering valuable contributions

Launching a community space as an independent publisher can feel like a leap of faith. Providing your members with a space to have valuable conversations is important, but how do you ensure that it remains a safe and collaborative space? That's where community guidelines come in. A set of tips

4 min read
How to support your members as an independent creator

Excellent customer support is important for any online business. Find out how to offer it 👇

5 min read
Email sender name best practices

Find out how to set the best sender name for your newsletter and increase your open rates.

4 min read
A publishers guide to content organization

Deciding how to structure your content doesn't need to be difficult.

6 min read
A beginner’s guide to SEO for publishers and creators

You don't need to be a marketing expert to get started with SEO. Here's how!

12 min read
Is guest posting worth it? A guide for publishers

Find out how to do guest posting the right way.

5 min read
Email deliverability explained for publishers

Find out why DMARC is not necessarily the answer to your delivery problems.

5 min read
How to switch from Patreon to Ghost

Built an audience on Patreon but looking for more ownership of your revenue and content?

9 min read

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