Kym Ellis

Kym Ellis

How to setup your Ghost publication

We've crammed the most important information to help you setup your new publication into this post.

2 min read
How to publish your first post

A full overview of the Ghost editor, so you can start creating right away.

4 min read
Building your audience with subscriber signups

Turn anonymous visitors into logged-in members and start building your audience today.

2 min read
Sending email newsletters

Deliver your new post to your members, or a segment of your members, in just a few clicks.

2 min read
How to sell premium memberships

Start generating sustainable revenue from your creative work, with 0% fees 💰

2 min read
Setting up apps and integrations

Bring all your favorite apps and tools along with these nifty integrations.

2 min read
Customizing your Ghost site even further

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, there's really no limit to what's possible with Ghost.

2 min read
Which creator tech stack is right for you? ⭐️

Understand the benefits and limitations of the platforms you choose to run your business with this guide.

7 min read
How to create a design brief for a Ghost theme ⭐️

Getting your theme design project right is important — here's a template to get you started.

6 min read
How to leverage SEO for a membership website

Search engine optimization can work for membership business and newsletters too — here's how.

8 min read
#140 — The proven way to find your niche, explained

There's lots of genuinely useful things to read in this issue, including a guide for how to find a profitable niche, takeaways about how successful startups acheive content-driven growth and a deeper look at how the creator economy is just getting started. Plus: A couple of important Google updates.

3 min read
Should you launch a newsletter referral program? ⭐️

A rewards program isn't a silver bullet for growth, and requires a lot of resources.

6 min read
#134 — Real newsletter growth tactics inside

Your weekly curation of news about independent publishing below includes a lot of growth tips that you're not going to want to miss, including how to grow your email list, increase revenue, attract sponsors and what time you should deliver emails. Enjoy! 💸 Business models[Podcast] Growing a newsletter to 1+

2 min read
Ghost ⭐️

1 min read
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