Kym Ellis

Kym Ellis

Email sender name best practices

Find out how to set the best sender name for your newsletter and increase your open rates.

4 min read
A publishers guide to content organization

Deciding how to structure your content doesn't need to be difficult.

6 min read
A beginner’s guide to SEO for publishers and creators

You don't need to be a marketing expert to get started with SEO. Here's how!

12 min read
Is guest posting worth it? A guide for publishers

Find out how to do guest posting the right way.

5 min read
Email deliverability explained for publishers

Find out why DMARC is not necessarily the answer to your delivery problems.

5 min read
How to switch from Patreon to Ghost

Built an audience on Patreon but looking for more ownership of your revenue and content?

9 min read
How to setup your Ghost publication

We've crammed the most important information to help you setup your new publication into this post.

2 min read
How to publish your first post

A full overview of the Ghost editor, so you can start creating right away.

4 min read
Building your audience with subscriber signups

Turn anonymous visitors into logged-in members and start building your audience today.

2 min read
Sending email newsletters

Deliver your new post to your members, or a segment of your members, in just a few clicks.

2 min read
How to sell premium memberships

Start generating sustainable revenue from your creative work, with 0% fees 💰

2 min read
Setting up apps and integrations

Bring all your favorite apps and tools along with these nifty integrations.

2 min read
7 tips for managing your Stripe account as a creator

Keep your business running smoothly with these Stripe management tips.

6 min read
Customizing your Ghost site even further

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, there's really no limit to what's possible with Ghost.

2 min read
Which creator tech stack is right for you? ⭐️

Understand the benefits and limitations of the platforms you choose to run your business with this guide.

7 min read

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