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Usage: {{tiers}} / {{tiers prefix=":" separator=" - " lastSeparator=", " suffix='options'}}


{{tiers}} is a formatting helper for outputting tier names. It defaults to a comma-separated list with and as the last separator and tier(s) as the suffix. Customize the helper by using a custom prefix, separator, last separator, and/or suffix. Note that values are white-space sensitive.

Example code

Use the tiers helper to output tier names in ascending order by price. The examples below use tier names of “bronze,” “silver,” and “gold.”

{{! output: "bronze, silver and gold tiers" }}

Custom prefix

Use a custom prefix to add text before tier names.

{{tiers prefix="Access with:"}}
{{! output: "Access with: bronze, silver and gold tiers" }}

Custom separator

Use a custom separator to change the text between tier names.

{{tiers separator=" | "}}
{{! output: "bronze | silver and gold tiers" }}

Custom last separator

With multiple tiers, customize the last separator.

{{tiers lastSeparator=" plus "}}
{{! output: "bronze, silver plus gold tiers" }}

Custom suffix

Change the term “tier” with a custom suffix.

{{tiers suffix="options"}}
{{! output: "bronze, silver and gold options" }}

HTML values

separator, prefix , lastSeparator, and suffix accept HTML values.

{{tiers separator=" • "}}
{{! output: "bronze • silver and gold tiers }}

Fetching tiers with the {{#get}} helper

{{tiers}} helps with formatting your tier names. To fetch tier data, use the {{#get}} helper.

{{! Get all tiers with monthly price, yearly price, and benefits data }}
{{#get "tiers" include="monthly_price,yearly_price,benefits" limit="all" as |tiers|}}
    {{! Loop through our tiers collection }}
    {{#foreach tiers}}
        {{#if monthly_price}}
                <a href="javascript:" data-portal="signup/{{id}}/monthly">Monthly – {{price monthly_price currency=currency}}</a>
        {{#if benefits}}
            {{#foreach benefits as |benefit|}}

See our {{#get}} helper docs to learn more about using this helper with tiers.