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Usage: {{recommendations}}


Use the {{recommendations}} helper anywhere in a theme to output a list of recommended sites as configured in Ghost Admin.

Default template

Ghost uses the following default template to render recommendations.

{{#if recommendations}}
    <ul class="recommendations">
        {{#each recommendations as |rec|}}
        <li class="recommendation">
            <a href="{{rec.url}}" data-recommendation="{{rec.id}}" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
                <div class="recommendation-favicon">
                    {{#if rec.favicon}}
                        <img src="{{rec.favicon}}" alt="{{rec.title}}" loading="lazy" onerror="this.style.display='none';">
                <h5 class="recommendation-title">{{rec.title}}</h5>
                <span class="recommendation-url">{{readable_url rec.url}}</span>
                <p class="recommendation-description">{{rec.description}}</p>

The template loops over recommendations and outputs an HTML list item for each recommendation. Use the CSS class names to style the content.

Alternatively, override the default template altogether with a custom one by adding a file called recommendations.hbs to the theme’s partials folder.

When building a custom template, the recommendation object contains the following data:

  • id: Recommendation ID used to track the number of clicks.
  • url: The recommended site’s URL. Use the readable_url helper to make a more human-readable URL.
  • favicon: The recommended site’s favicon, output as an image URL
  • featured_image: The recommended site’s feature image, output as an image URL
  • title: The recommended site’s title
  • description: The recommended site’s description
  • created_at: The date the recommendation was created
  • updated_at: The date the recommendation was updated


Combine the {{recommendations}} helper with the attributes listed below to customize its behavior.


Specify the maximum number of recommendations to display. The default is 5.

{{recommendations limit="10"}}
<!-- outputs 10 recommendations -->


Order recommendations based on any valid resource field (like title) in ascending (asc) or descending (desc) order. The default order is created_at desc (or newest recommendations on top).

{{recommendations order="title asc"}}
<!-- outputs recommendations by title in alphabetical order -->


When the total number of recommendations exceeds the number defined in limit, recommendations become paginated. Use the page attribute to access subsequent pages of recommendations.

{{recommendations limit="5" page="2"}}
<!-- outputs the second page of recommendations when total recommendations are greater than 5 -->


Use logic-based queries to filter recommendations. For a guide to filtering syntax, see our Content API docs.

{{recommendations filter="favicon:-null"}}
<!-- only output recommendations with a favicon >

Advanced options

Only show recommendations when enabled

Use @site.recommendations_enabled to only show recommendations when they’ve been enabled in Ghost Admin. This is useful when adding additional markup that should only be shown when recommendations are enabled:

{{#match @site.recommendations_enabled}}

Open the recommendations modal

When Portal is enabled on a Ghost site, recommendations are displayed at site.com/#/portal/recommendations. Let users open the recommendations modal by adding the data-portal="recommendations" attribute to a button.

{{recommendations limit="5"}}
<!-- outputs 5 recommendations -->

<button data-portal="recommendations">Show all recommendations</button>
<!-- open the recommendations portal when clicked -->