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readable url

Usage: {{readable_url URL}}


The readable_url helper outputs a human-readable URL by stripping out its protocol, www, query paramters, and hash fragments. It doesn’t strip out any subdomains or pathnames. This helper pairs well with the recommendations helper to output more readable URLs.

See the examples below to understand the helper’s expected output:

{{readable_url "https://google.com"}}
<!-- removes the "https://" protocol. Outputs: "google.com" -->

{{readable_url "www.google.com"}}
<!-- removes "www". Outputs: "google.com" -->

{{readable_url "https://google.com?foo=bar&dog=love"}} 
<!-- removes query parameters. Outputs: "google.com" -->

{{readable_url "https://google.com#section-1"}}
<!-- removes hash fragments. Outputs: "google.com" -->

{{readable_url "https://ghost.org/about"}}
<!-- pathnames are not removed. Outputs: "ghost.org/about" -->

{{readable_url "https://account.ghost.org"}}
<!-- subdomains are not removed. Outputs: "account.ghost.org" -->