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Usage: {{price plan}}


The {{price}} helper formats monetary values from their smallest denomination to a human readable denomination with currency formatting. Example:

{{price plan}}

This will output $5.

The {{price}} helper accepts a number of optional attributes:

  • currency - defaults to plan.currency when passed a plan object
  • locale - defaults to @site.locale
  • numberFormat - defaults to “short”, and can be either “short” ($5) or “long” ($5.00)
  • currencyFormat - defaults to “symbol” and can be one of “symbol” ($5), “code” (EUR 5) or “name” (5 euros)

{{price}} can be used with static values as well, {{price 4200}} will output 42.

The default behaviour of the price helper is the same as:

{{price plan.amount

Passing a currency without a price will output the symbol for that currency:

{{price currency="USD"}} <!-- Outputs: $ -->

Example Code

Outputting prices for all tiers.

{{#get "tiers" include="monthly_price,yearly_price,benefits" limit="all" as |tiers|}}
    {{! Loop through our tiers collection }}
    {{#foreach tiers}}
        {{#if monthly_price}}
                <a href="javascript:" data-portal="signup/{{id}}/monthly">Monthly – {{price monthly_price currency=currency}}</a>
          {{#if yearly_price}}
                <a href="javascript:" data-portal="signup/{{id}}/monthly">Monthly – {{price yearly_price currency=currency}}</a>


Outputting prices for a member’s subscriptions.

<!-- account.hbs -->

{{#foreach @member.subscriptions}}
  <div class="subscription">
    <label class="subscriber-detail-label">Your plan</label>
    <span class="subscriber-detail-content">{{price plan}}/{{plan.interval}}</span>