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Usage: {{> "partial-name"}}


{{> "partials"}} is a helper for reusing chunks of template code in handlebars files. This can be useful for any repeating elements, such as a post card design, or for splitting out components like a header for easier to manage template files.

All partials are stored in the partials/ directory of the theme. Partials will inherit context and make that context available within the partial file.


{{#foreach posts}}

  {{> "post-card"}}

<!-- partials/post-card.hbs -->
<article class="post-card.hbs">
  <h2 class="post-card-title">
    <a href="{{url}}">{{title}}</a>
  <p>{{excerpt words="30"}}</p>

Partial properties

Partials can take properties as well which provide the option to set contextual values per use case.

Properties example

{{> "call-to-action" heading="Sign up now"}}
<!-- partials/call-to-action.hbs -->
  {{#if heading}}
    <!-- ... -->