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Usage: {{#link href="/about/"}}About{{/link}}


{{#link}} is a block helper that creates links with dynamic classes. In its basic form it will create an anchor element that wraps around any kind of string, HTML or handlebars constructed HTML.

With additional options it can have an active class or target behaviour, or onclick JavaScript events. A href attribute must be included or an error will be thrown.

Simple example

{{#link href="/about/"}}..linked content here..{{/link}}

Will output:

<a href="/about/">..linked content here..</a>

All attributes associated with the <a></a> element can be used in {{#link}}. Check out the MDN documentation on the anchor element for more information.


Handlebars variables can be used for attribute values as well as strings. Variables do not need be wrapped with quotations:

Simple variables example

{{#link href=@site.url}}Home{{/link}}

Advanced variables example

{{#foreach posts}}
  {{#link href=(url) class="post-link" activeClass="active"}}

Dynamic attributes


By default the active class outputted by {{#link}} will be nav-current, this is consistent with our navigation helper. However it can be overwritten with the activeClass attribute:

activeClass Example

{{#link href="/about/" activeClass="current"}}About{{/link}}

When on the "/about/" URL it will output:

<a href="/about/" class="current">About</a>

activeClass can also be given false value (activeClass=false), which will output an empty string. Effectively turning off the behaviour.