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Migrating from Revue

Migrate from Revue and import your content to Ghost with this guide

Get started migrating content from Revue to Ghost, for free, using the guide below. Within a few clicks we’ll have all your content and subscribers exported, and ready to be imported into Ghost.

Export your Revue data, and create a Ghost site

Sign into your Revue account and click on the Export my data button. Then, create a new Ghost site. You can start a 14 day free trial here: sign-up for a free trial

Next, Connect with Stripe

Do you have paid subscriptions in Revue? If so, you must do this step first! If not, you can skip this step completely. Once logged into Ghost Admin, click on SettingsMemberships - and click on the Connect with Stripe button.

Important: After doing this, you must also Disconnect Revue from Stripe. If you don’t do this, Revue will cancel all your paying subscriptions. https://dashboard.stripe.com/settings/apps

import members import members

Finally, import your Revue content

Click on SettingsLabsImport - and upload the .ZIP file. All your past newsletter issues and subscribers will be imported into Ghost.

import members import members

That’s it, you’re done! The import will take a few minutes to wrap things up, and you’ll receive an email once complete.