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Migrating from Podia

Migrate from Podia and import your content to Ghost with this guide

The Ghost Concierge team, at your service

Let us handle the Podia migration for you! This migration is included when you make an annual payment on the Ghost(Pro) Creator, Team, or Business plans. Learn more about the Concierge service.

Export your subscribers

To get started, export your current subscribers in CSV format.

Import subscribers to Ghost

Under the Ghost Admin members settings, select the import option from the settings menu.

import members

Upload your CSV file to Ghost, and map each of the fields contained in your export file to the corresponding fields in Ghost. The email field is required in order to create members in Ghost, while the other fields are optional.

To import paid members with an existing Stripe subscription, you must import their Stripe customer ID.

import members

Once the import has completed, all your subscribers will be migrated to Ghost. There’s nothing else you need to do, members can now log into your site and receive email newsletters.